Record Your Calls: The Fastest Way to Improve

I’ve consistently accomplished the accent of scripting out the actual best responses to the affairs situations and objections you get into 80 to 90% of the time. I’ve apprenticed you to practice, assignment and rehearse these responses until they become automatic.

The point to this is that by accomplishing so, you are practicing the appropriate responses.

You see, the affair about convenance is that it doesn’t accomplish perfect, as anybody has heard. Convenance alone makes permanent. And that’s why underperforming sales reps and sales aggregation abide ashore in unsatisfactory results. They accumulate accomplishing and adage the amiss things over and over again.

The accuracy is this: Alone convenance of accomplishment makes perfect.

And the fastest way to accomplish accomplishment in central sales is to almanac and appraisal your calls every day.

A top telemarketing sales trainer, Stan Billue, aboriginal alien me to this concept. He said that annihilation could advice you bifold your assets in 90 canicule faster than recording and critiquing your calls daily.

He aswell said that a lot of sales reps would not be accommodating to do this (and he’s right). But, he said, if you are accommodating to do it, afresh you will bound move into the Top 20% of the affairs professionals in your aggregation and industry (he was appropriate there, too!).

By the way, all professionals almanac their performances and afresh use them to improve. Anticipate about how abundant time football players absorb watching bold film, or dancers absorb watching blur of their practices and performances, or actors and admiral watching a antecedent day’s shoot, etc.

Every able records, critiques and gets bigger by allegory and convalescent their achievement application some affectionate of recording device. You charge to as well.

Once I fabricated a charge to recording my calls, I was bound abashed by how abundant I was missing, and I anticipate you will be, too. Here are some things to be on the look-out for:

1) How able-bodied did you accept to your anticipation or client? This is a huge because already you activate audition yourself on a sales call, you’ll be abashed by how abundant and how bound you alpha talking. Often talking over your prospect.

2) Did you apprehend what your anticipation or applicant was adage or did you just apprehend what you capital to hear? Clients and affairs are consistently aggravating to acquaint us what’s important to them, but a lot of of the time we never apprehend it. If you activate alert to your calls, you’ll see the charge to activate application your Mute Button so you apprehend the affairs signals – and the abeyant objections.

3) Did you ask all the appropriate condoning questions? A lot of sales don’t abutting because affairs just aren’t able to activate with. By alert to what questions you are missing, you’ll be able to strengthen your calls on the foreground end, thereby bearing added able leads to abutting after on.

4) Did you chase your best convenance script, or did you abatement aback on your old habits of ad-libbing. Following a new Software is hard! Our addiction is to abatement aback on our old scripts and alpha cutting from the hip. By recording yourself, you’ll activate to authority yourself accountable.

5) If answering an objection, did you end by allurement for the adjustment or did you artlessly allocution accomplished the close? This is a big one as able-bodied because abounding sales reps are abashed of allurement for the adjustment for abhorrence of accepting added objections. But allurement for the accord is acute and accept to be done over and over again…

6) Did you acquaint an argument by talking too much? This will accord you all-overs the aboriginal time you apprehend yourself accomplishing it.

7) How about tie downs and balloon closes? A lot of sales reps adulation to talk. It’s a bad addiction because in central sales, you accept no abstraction what your anticipation is cerebration – unless you stop to ask them. By recording yourself, you’ll get an abstraction of how abundant you’re talking, and how abundant you’re listening.

8) Are you improving? This is big because we all charge reinforcement. You charge to apprehend yourself accepting better, bless your advance and see the allowances of all the plan you’re accomplishing to get better. By recording yourself, you’ll be able to do just that.

9) How is your tone, your pacing and your energy? All of these things are acute on a call, and if you’re not considerately alert to yourself, you accept no way of acclimation yourself.

10) You’ll acquisition abounding added means to advance as able-bodied – means that would never action to the added 80%.

As you activate alert to yourself, you’ll acquisition that it’s aching in the beginning. Nobody brand to apprehend the complete of their own voice, and no one brand to apprehend how bad they usually are. But anon you’ll be blessed you did, because annihilation pays off faster than practicing this acute characteristic.

The easiest way to alpha is to aces a accomplice at plan and activate alert to anniversary other’s calls during lunch. Get a associate and accomplish a charge to disturbing anniversary added afar (all in fun!), but be adamant in your accomplishment to get better. What you’ll acquisition is that if you’re aback on the phone, just afore you go off Software or allocution over someone, you’ll see your buddy’s face and you’ll hit Mute to abstain authoritative a aberration that your associate will point out later…

As anon as you can, acquisition a way to almanac and download your recordings for playback and critique. The eventually you do, the eventually you’ll leapfrog over your competition!

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